Seaspan Ferries Collective Agreement

The termination of the employment relationship is also considered to have occurred when one of the participating employers did not contribute to that participant for a period of twenty-four consecutive months. Each member must complete a registration form and pass it on to the administrator. In 2007, these benefits were converted to contribution dollars and the total value was recorded in your employer contribution account. All of our sailors must be members who have a good reputation for their respective unions, and all positions are occupied by the corresponding union dispatch room. Your employer is required to make pension contributions to the plan if you are injured in the workplace and you are entitled to the employment agency. Similarly, your employer is required to pay pension contributions up to a maximum of 12 weeks for each entitle if you are entitled to disability with the BC Marine Welfare Plan. The Towboat Seamen Retirement plan came into effect on June 1, 1973. It is recognized as a defined contribution plan and is registered “Federally Registered” and with the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada. If you have withdrawn your money from the plan, you will be treated as a new employee and you will have to participate in the plan for 3 months to become a member of the plan.

International Longshore – Warehouse Union Canada Local 400 120 – 111 Victoria Drive Vancouver, BC Tel: 604-251-7174 Learn more about coverage requirements and training. Canadian Merchant Service Guild Western Branch 218 Blue Mountain Street, Suite 310 Coquitlam, BC V3K 4H2 E-mail: Phone: 604-939-8990 Fax: 604-939-8950 dismissal is considered to have occurred, if the member does not work for an employer who works according to the retirement plan of the sailors towed for a period of at least 6 consecutive months) A “participation” is entitled to the benefits of the plan. All participants will agree as soon as they join the plan. In order to join the plan, workers who are members of one of the unions must have completed three months of continuous service with their employer. Seafarers` International Union of Canada (SIU) Unit 201 – 267 West Esplanade North Vancouver BC V7M 1A5 Ph: 604-687-6699 Fax: 604-687-6897 If you have left your messages in the plan, new messages are added to your account and your status changes Vested In Vested Active appointments.