Kpu Collective Agreement Faculty

According to Davis, the reason why KPU professors perform better than at other post-secondary institutions is due to the collective agreement – a series of laws between the university and the collective agreement union. Davis says KPU has a well-thought-out collective agreement that allows professors to regularly switch from a contract position to a regular faculty member. In the past, contract agents were considered to be replacement workers with fewer workloads and responsibilities than their full-time counterparts. Today, however, these faculty members often perform similar tasks because contract agents want to improve their chances of obtaining full-time transport. “Other universities may have other collective agreements or other unions representing the meeting faculty relative to the current faculty,” says Davis. “The provisions may be a little different, and that comes from a historical point of view. So if you compare us to SFU, UVIC, UBC, we are very different, especially because we have a teaching mandate. The professors argued that the college represented a public body and therefore subjected it to the Charter and that the collective agreement constituted a “right” within the meaning of the Charter. “While the scholarship may remain the status quo, the cost of a university to deliver bids will escalate,” he says. “A permanent faculty member costs far more than a faculty member.” In an electronic statement to The Runner, KPU Provost and Vice President Academic Dr. .