Assignment Plan Agreement Plan

Full copies of the final plans and specifications for the project signed by the general contractor (the “plans and specifications”) that are assigned to the lender as additional collateral must have been forwarded and approved to the lender and inspector, and the borrower has completed the assignment of the tasks and specifications and delivered them to the lender. The borrower executed and delivered to the lenders the typical form of assignment of plans and specifications, contracts and authorizations and the environmental compensation agreement for the future phase. A transfer of partnership interest from the date of the contract, executed by each general partner to the state lender and the bank as an additional guarantee for the performance of the borrower`s obligations under the borrower`s loan documents, each of which is awarded as a general partner in the allocation of the borrower`s plans and specifications. Volume III: 174-230 MHz-Band IV: 470-582 MHzBand V: 582-862 MHz The assignment of the plans and specifications of the right date, executed by Peony in favor of Lender in connection with the loan. Plan for broadcasting television and sound in the European Broadcasting Area, Stockholm, 1961 rev.2006 (ST61). Spectrum allocation plans, which are in effect as annexes to regional agreements, are: ST61 Rev.06, GE75, RJ81/RJ88, GE84, GE89 Rev.06, GE06 More > Preface to the BRIFIC (Land Services) Achieved activity – 2012-2013:Sub-Sahara African GE0 6 Frequency Coordination Meetings Notifications frequency changes proposed by administrations are reviewed and published in the BR IFIC (Land Services) and published: FM/UHF TV broadcasting plan in the African broadcasting area and in neighbouring countries, Geneva, 1989, Rev. 2006 (GE89). Plan to broadcast MF in Regions 1 and 3 and FF in Region 1, Geneva, 1975 (GE75). Current Activity – 2014:Arab Spectrum Management Group (ASMG) GE06 Frequency Coordination Meetings Borrower and the architect mentioned there sign and sign to the lender a collateral assignment of plans and specifications in the form requested by Lender and the agreement of the attached architect (“Collateral of Assignment Plans”).

Plan to use the 87.5-108 MHz band for FM sound broadcasts in Region 1 and part of Region 3, Geneva, 1984 (GE84). Plan for FM emissions in Region 2, Rio de Janeiro, 1981 (RJ81)..