Apache Maven End User License Agreement

Independent contractors. Any use of Maven that leads to payment of compensation by Maven is carried out as an independent contractor, and you are not and are not considered an employee or agent of Maven or any other user. You are not entitled to the benefits Maven grants to his staff and Maven will not deduct payments that you are entitled to tax or social deductions or similar purposes. services. Services include connecting users seeking knowledge and opinions to other users who offer to provide their knowledge, opinions and knowledge. Services facilitate interactions between users. You understand that (i) we are not parties to such interactions and will not be responsible, and (ii) the knowledge and opinions of other users do not belong to us, and we do not support or guarantee the accuracy of the information provided by another user. V. Distribution of executable versions: You can distribute the executable form of the covered software under the terms of that license or under the terms of a license of your choice that may contain conditions other than that license, provided that you comply with the terms of that license and that the license of the executable form does not attempt to restrict or modify the recipient`s rights in the source form of the rights specified in the license. license. If you distribute the covered software in an executable form under another license, you must make it clear that all the conditions that deviate from that license are offered by you alone, not by the original developer or contributor. You agree to compensate the original developer and any contributor for any liability arising from the terms you offer to the original developer or contributor.

F. TERMINATION. CISC Semiconductor reserves the right to terminate this license in violation of these Terms and Conditions. This agreement automatically stipulates: (i) in the event of a violation of a provision covered by Article 1 – subsection D – or 5 – subsection A – of this treaty; (ii) a breach of payment obligations within ten (10) days; (iii) within 30 days, a substantial violation of this agreement; and (iv) without delay if the underwriter becomes insolvent or makes an assignment to creditors, or if an agent or beneficiary of the bankruptcy is designated for the taker or for a substantial part of his assets, or if bankruptcy, recovery or insolvency proceedings are initiated by or against the underwriter.